Monday, August 10, 2015

See A Penny

It’s been one of Those mornings.

I had been to Fresh & Easy, the gas station and the UPS place within the last half hour. My last stop before going home to put the cheese in the fridge was Rite Aid. That’s when I ended up with the first one.

Penny, that is.

I wouldn’t even have noticed it if it wasn’t odd looking. So new that it seemed fake. The copper was light and reflective and the shield on the back made me wonder for a second if it was Canadian. Nope, just a shiny new penny.

Instead of bothering to fish out my wallet again, I tossed it into the parking lot to bring someone luck. My good deed for the day, I thought, and hoped it landed heads’ side up.*

I waved at the poncily beribboned fluffy dog waiting on the far side of the lot with his/her old lady. Then I walked a block or two to my car.** That’s when I saw it.

It was on the ground, in the street, near the driver’s side door.

A shiny new penny, so light that it looked fake. Shield on the back.

Tails up.

I’d give you more of a description but I tossed it loose into my purse so it’s effectively lost in a black hole alternate dimension. (Translation: I can’t be bothered to fish it out.)

So the moral of the story, my darlings, is that if you’re going to be as superstitious as your doting Auntie, you should really come up with a punch line, moral or what we call a “button” before you begin to write out a strange event as a blog post. Especially if you haven’t posted anything in a while.

Big hugs. Auntie loves you all, but it’s nearly time to go back out again.

*Spoiler alert, superstition details: If the found coin is heads up, that’s pure goodness. Fun, happiness &/or joy is headed your way. But if it’s tails up, then it’s something that’s good for you, which isn’t the same thing at all.

** Yes, children, people in LA will sometimes park between two destinations and walk rather than move the car three blocks. I am living proof of this surprising and rare phenomenon.