Monday, November 20, 2017

Tick Tock Tumbleweed

Auntie isn't bouncing up and down like a child on Christmas Eve because I am old and creaky. The anticipation is pretty much the same, though.

You should see my fridge. It's a solid wall of ingredients, and I really really really want to start turning them into food.

I can't, though. Not yet.

Tick tock.

Tomorrow I start chopping and measuring. I do this thing where I prep all the ingredients for a dish in separate baggies then put them in one bigger bag. It's just like one of those delivery services except that I did the shopping too. And chose the menu. Okay, except for the precisely measured bit it's nothing like a delivery service.

Then Wednesday I can cook everything which can be made the day before. Wednesday is the big day, but at least I can start tomorrow.

Right now there are metaphoric tumbleweeds rolling through my empty kitchen while I wait.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Water, Water Everywhere

Subtitle: Glass Not Even Half Full Dammit

Drinking water is important. Hydration is healthy for many reasons. You don't need Auntie to tell you about that.

What I will say is that you should probably do most of your water-drinking while it's still daylight, because a solid night's sleep is also important.

I say this because I'm about to refill my water glass knowing full well that it will mean getting up in the wee hours to wee.

Wait, do you think that's why they call it "the wee hours"? Hahaha snort.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tuba Marvelous, Darling

We went to an annual street fair last night. Walking down the middle of a 4 lane boulevard is always fun. It was mostly predictable in a pleasant enough way.

The food trucks all had block-long lines, except for the one that didn't. Uh oh.

There was a quartet(te) of pretty women in 40s outfits doing some excellent Lennon Sisters harmonies. They're there every year but it could be a different bunch each time. Who can tell?

We were half a block past the singers when I saw tubas. Auntie loves a good tuba. These tubas had skinny tweenagers in them. Not auspicious, but we were too close not to hear.

We heard.

It was eerily familiar.

I couldn't place it, mostly because I was transfixed by the barely 14 year olds and their anachronistic brass instruments. Marching band? Really? In 2017?

Then I recognized the tune. Seven Nation Army.



We even saw a fat old guy with scraggly waist length white hair and matching beard, in a red striped t-shirt and shiny red basketball shorts. Obviously off-duty.

Aside from the veritable plethora of dogs both in and out of costume, my fave was the ugly guy with the beatific smile who had pastel twinkly lights woven into his dreadlocks. Or maybe it was the octet of tiny little girls in stunning Chiapas style dresses dancing with perfect synchronization and very serious expressions.

The comedy moment was a snippet of conversation as we squeezed through the lumbering crowd. I never saw who said it, but there was both resignation and conviction in her tone:

"Yeah, he's an asshole but at least he knows how to work it."

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Funny Is As Funny Stains

I was reading the answers to the Quora question "What was the funniest thing that happened to you in a restaurant?" when I realized that your adoring Auntie has a problem.

Apparently I don't know what "funny" means.

None of the answers were funny. They all involved spilled food or beverages, sometimes on someone who richly deserved it -- which is satisfying but not intrinsically humorous.

Oh well. Maybe it's me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Doggy Lemonade

Did you know that you can freeze pie crust dough for up to a month? It's true, which is why I made the pie crust dough for Thanksgiving on Monday.

I did a double batch, half went into the freezer and I planned to make a quiche with the other half. There's a recipe I saved from an old magazine because I wanted to eat it.

(This is actually rare. Auntie usually saves recipes she wants to feed to other people. Personal consumption isn't a consideration.)

So in between the morning and lunchtime, I blind-baked the crust. I was going to make the quiche in between things this afternoon.

Then I reread the recipe.

Or at least, I reread the part I'd saved.

It looked quite tasty and was pretty simple, right up to where it said "Continued on page 124".

So here's your second helpful hint: Torn up pie crust makes for an excellent doggy treat. I tore up half of the partially-baked shell into treat sized bits and finished baking them for when the Prince of Bassets is here next week.

When life gives you lemons, make dog treats.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Turns out I tried to do more today than can be done in one day -- at least, it was more than I could do. Still, I finished enough of it to feel some degree of satisfaction.

I was about to pat myself tiredly on the back when I remembered...

It's still November.

I hadn't done the daily blog.

"ACK!" I thought.

Thus here I am... and ergo, here I go.